New BOMA Floor Measurement Standards

As of January, 2010, Extreme Measures, LaserTech Floorplans and Stevenson Systems are recognized by BOMA as the official Consultants and Interpretation Providers for all questions related to the BOMA Floor Measuring Standards.

BOMA has completed work on a major update to its standard for office buildings. It will also publish two new floor measurement standards for retail and multi-residential buildings later this year. BOMA’s measurement standards for office, industrial and gross area are available for purchase from the BOMA Bookstore at .

The revised office building standard has been re-titled - Office Buildings: Methods of Measurement and Calculating Rentable Area. Major changes from the previous (1996) version include a complete re-organization of the sections for greater clarity, a more user-friendly section outlining the various methods of measurement and an entirely new section of electronic graphic illustrations which follow a standard color format for specific space types.

Retail Buildings: Standard of Measurement and Calculation of Leasable Area and Multi-Unit Residential Buildings: Standard Methods of Measurement meet an industry need for methods for measuring specific spaces and to respond to the proliferation of mixed-use buildings. BOMA joined with industry partners to develop these standards, which are part of BOMA’s goal to provide industry measurement benchmarks for all types of facilities. These standards will serve as the third-party, common basis of understanding between landlord and tenant in these spaces just as the BOMA office measurement standard has done for many decades. Measurement concepts for the facilities included in these standards will also be incorporated into a floor measurement standard for mixed-use facilities planned for development in 2010. For more information, contact Dave Tyree ( ).