Trust, Fraud, Identity Theft - Protecting your family online

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Barrhaven Legion , Unit 3A - 3500 Fallowfield Rd, ottawa

"Trust, Fraud, and Identity Theft"

What is privacy, trust, and control in the new age of the internet with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Our lives are online, stored in a computer somewhere "in the cloud" -- from our daily activities, to our most private and personal information such as health and banking.

Sandeep is a security professional with 15 years of experience. He will be speaking from a personal perspective about trust, fraud and identity theft, about working with Fortune 500 companies and governments, and about the darker side of the internet where personal information is bought and sold on the open market.

By sharing his unique insight into how technology is changing our perceptions of trust, he will also offer tips to help protect yourself, and your children online.

FREE Age limit: 18+